GameStop Rewards….and EB Edge

GameStop Rewards….and EB Edge

 “A in-depth plain english Introduction…..”

 With the following articles I’m going to give you a full overview of these two members benefits, giving you pros, cons, how to most gain from your shopping, and how to go about signing up. Also a look at trade-in values, used vs. new and some other special deals both shops give you. Now I included both because both are not the same. A look at the sites will tell you that almost instantly. But don’t worry, they’re….kinda the same. I know confusing, but that’s why you’re here. You what to know what’s so great about being a GameStop Rewards PowerUp Member, or an Edge Member. To start off there’s the levels these cards hold.

GameStop PowerUp has only two levels, but the jump from one to another is substantially better. Basic only sees you getting points for everything you buy, special news and updates, and one exclusive offer giveaway. But it is free so for signing up you get something. A Pro level membership cost $14.99 yearly and has many more benefits, with 10% point bonus on everything you buy, 10% bonus credit when you bring a game in to trade, 10% of any pre-owned game you buy, AND 10% off any new strategy guide you get (Whimps :P ) Oh did I mention…One year of Game Informer magazine? Pretty cool huh?

But don’t count out the EB EDGE card, it’s got some nifty benefits as well. EB EDGE is also free to join it’s basic level, with the points you collect you level up. However, once reaching the third level you will have to pay a fee, yearly just like GameStop at the very same price, only $14.99. Back to the basic level there is a 3 day satisfaction guarantee, but before you get all crazy, there are limits and you should always check with your clerk about the game’s exchange limitations. You get 5% extra trade-in credit, and 10% on pre-owned. There is also a birthday offer. The next level requires 1,500 points to level up the second level is gold, you have reached a level with some pretty awesome rewards. Front of the line Event Pick-up is a big one as it lets you skip those long nasty lines when a game is doing a midnight release. However, remember that others will have this card as well. There are other Gold benefits, increases in trade-in values and other things. A step higher is Platinum, this is the $14.99 card, it has some of the best benefits, just like gold you get front of the line treatment, increased savings and trade-ins. But, this is where it gets even better. Onyx level the the next and highest level you can get. It requires a total earned points of 12,000 and is only obtained through the points system. It has the very highest rewards possible with a 7, that’s right 7 day satisfaction guarantee, but again with limitations on which games this works for.

There’s no word on if there’s a planned increase on the PowerUp card, but I’m sure after you read the full details in the other related articles you’ll see that with their special offers, benefits, coupons, monthly specials, and all the other customer perks you can acquire, the question is what to say about them, it’s where to begin.