Fix Battlefield 4 on PS3 After Update:

Swoopster!? I can’t play BF4 on my PS3 since the update! HELP!!!!

 Battlefield 4 Fix

Well hello again my friends I’ll skip the normal hello’s jokes, and quips, and get right to the point.

Are you a BF4 player on the PS3? Have you been playing but recently have had serious issues connecting? Failed to join the server so many times, yet everything SEEMS to be working? Well, first off, you’re not alone, it’s not just you. Secondly STOP POINTING FINGERS AT EA/DiCE. Believe it or not, one potential fix for the game has NOTHING to do with BF4 itself. It’s your system.

Recently Sony put out a system update around the same time PS3 got a Battlefield 4 update. Since that time HUNDREDS of people flocked to the forum complaining about not being able to connect. Even dear Swoopster had this issue. So, I did what I do, I searched high, low, and all around. I tried fix after fix. Finally I went and manually checked my system for an update (Mine checks by itself at 3am every morning….odd…guess it missed one?) I’m guessing yours might have missed this one too.

So I let it download (250MB) I believe was the size, I installed it, my china rising was then installed…and BLAM, it all worked just fine.

A WORD OF CAUTION. Your initial attemp to connect might be met with the same result, if it does, restart the system and try again, I had to restart my system after trying to connect the first time after updating for it to work. Since that time I’ve been playing FLAWLESSLY…Well flawlessly for BF4 that is. Still same crashing issues with Dawnbreaker and Seige of Shanghi, but I don’t like those maps anyways lol….

So, I hope this fix helps you get back into the game, it’s helped me and the members of my community, and worked every single time. And please, if you’ve found other ways to “tweak” things to get them to work, know of some other fixes for users that might be in the same boat as you, let Swoopster know, send me an email, message the facebook account, informing me, means informing everyone else too.

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